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They Are My Noble Master

To escape from his violent father, Uesugi Ren ran away from home with his elder sister, Mihato. When they arrived at the port town of Nanahama, they couldn&񗝉t find any jobs and had to live at its outskirts. Ren then encounters a girl with a strange robot. He helps her when she becomes faint because of anemia and the siblings take her home to a big mansion. She is Kuonji Miu, the second daughter of the rich Kuonjin family. Through the patronage of Shinra, Miu's elder sister and the master of Kuonji, Ren is hired as a butler while Mihato is hired as a maid of Kuonji. In this way, Ren&񗝉s butler life begins.

Format : Mp4
Size : ~55 mb (LQ)

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