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S.A ~Special A~
Title : S.A ~Special A~
Official Site : http://special-a.jp/
Category : TV
Total Episodes : 1-24 End
Genres : Comedy, Love-Romance, School Life
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-04-06
Broadcaster : CTC (Sun 25:30)
Studio : AIC (Anime International Company), GONZOz88;DIGIMATION

Hakusenkan Gakuen High School, where the protagonist, Hanazono Hikari, attends, has a placement system. It has 6 streamed classes from A to F. Class A consists of the top 7 students and are admired by the other students. Of all A classes, from the first to the third grade, the most highly regarded class is called S.A, short for Special A. The students of S.A, the elite of elites, get special treatment; they wear special uniforms and study in a separate school building called the paradise on campus.

The seven students of S.A are: Hanazono Hikari, Takishime Kei, Todo Akira, Karino Tadashi, Yamamoto Megumi, Yamamoto Jun, and Tuji Ryu. Hikari is a hard worker. While the other students are children of rich families, she is raised in a common family. She attends this elite school in order to avenge her loss to Kei in a wrestling match when she was 6 years old. She thinks of Kei as a rival, and continues challenging Kei. However, she cannot beat him at any endeavour, and always finishes in second place.

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