.:: Portable Time Crisis II ::.
Portable Time Crisis II

The president of Caruba has been assassinated. Richard Miller, VSSE's 'One-Man-Army', has been implicated in the crime. VSSE can only protect Miller for 48 hours before the agency is forced to turn their ace to the Caruban authorities. During this time, VSSE cannot provide Miller with any assistance, but can only provide one lead?a VSSE agent named Abacus has information Miller needs to process his name-clearing spree. Abacus is currently located at a yacht owned by the criminal organization Kantaris. VSSE leaves Miller with the yacht's coordinates before the agency leaves Miller on his own. Unless Miller can clear his name within the 48-hour block, the covert agency will have no choice but to disregard the work Richard completed as a VSSE agent

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