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Portable GT-R 400

GT-R 400(Pc Rip)Midas has specifically commissioned GT-R 400 from leading UK developer Kuju to usher in the next generation of budget PlayStation 2 gaming. As soon as you get behind the wheel of one of the licensed GT cars, including the stunning Ascari KZ1 and the pulsating Mosler MT900, you will feel the discernable leap in class in every aspect of the game - look, feel and gameplay.GT-R 400 is a revolution in budget gaming.

Product Features:
· Licensed GT cars complete with livery and sponsor decals.
· Compete against British 2003 GT Champion Martin Short.
· Real-time car damage that genuinely affects the cars performance.
· Race over 16 varied tracks across three 3 continents.
· Six championships for model specific and mixed GT car racing.
· Sixteen time trial games with un-lockable rewards for fast times.
· Single and multiplayer action.

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